Looking to our next release

Posted September 28, 2012 by dnschnur

We’re finally wrapping up the migration of issues and the wiki to Github!

The goal was to migrate as much as possible, to minimize swapping back and forth between the two projects. Using a fork of the issue migrator by Arthur Debert, we were able to get pretty close to what we wanted. The migration process had two major limitations:

Besides that we’ve preserved just about everything, including issue state, status, other labels and links to duplicate issues. Some tweaks are still required to fix some broken references, but they’re low-priority and only necessary in a few places.

I apologize to anyone who may have received Github notification spam during this process. There were a couple of @ mentions in comments that triggered notifications, and watchers of the repository likely received updates for the migrated issues. We can’t do anything about this, and it’s a one-time event, so I hope you’ll understand.

The last thing remaining is to finish migration of the current contents of the wiki; that should be complete by this weekend.

We’re now looking ahead to the 0.8 release. It’s been a long time since our last major release; the project went quiet for a while when @OleLaursen had less time to contribute, and since I became active I’ve been focusing on issue triage, cleanup and organizational changes like the migration to Github. With that out of the way, our priority is a new release, so all these great updates and fixes can reach a wider audience.

I’ve created a ‘Release 0.8’ milestone in the issue tracker, and will add issues and pull requests to it over the next couple of weeks. The next blog post will provide more info on what’s targeted for 0.8, and our expected timeframe for the release.