Flot Plugins

Plugin Repository

Since plugins were introduced in 0.6 they've generated a huge amount of interest from the community. In the future we plan to integrate with jQuery's new plugin repository, but for now this page provides a brief list of just a few of the plugins created by the community.

You should also take a look at the plugin repository maintained by Jürgen Marsch.

Please feel free to add your plugin to the list via pull request, but follow the same format as the other entries - name (as a link) followed by a one-line description - and keep the categories and entries sorted alphabetically.

Additional Plot Types

Bandwidth by Jürgen Marsch - Gives Flot the ability to draw low-high value pairs as filled bars.

Bubbles by Jürgen Marsch - Gives Flot the ability to create bubble (scatter-size) plots.

Candlestick by Jürgen Marsch - Gives Flot the ability to create candlestick (open-high-low-close) charts.

Curved Lines (GitHub) by Michael Zinsmaier, based on work by nergal.dev - Allows line plots to produce smooth curves.

Direction (Example) by perl123 - Creates series annotated with arrows to represent direction or other secondary values.

Extents by Serge V. Izmaylov - Gives Flot the ability to create gantt-like bars with dependencies.

Gantt by Jürgen Marsch - Gives Flot the ability to create gantt charts with optional connected steps.

Pyramid by Asís García - Gives Flot the ability to create pyramid distribution charts.

Pyramid by Jürgen Marsch - An alternate pyramid plugin with additional features.

Spider by Jürgen Marsch - Gives Flot the ability to draw spider (radar/web) plots.


Auto Markings by kcdr - Draws markers for minimum/maximum range and average values of series.

Fill Below by anthonyryan1 - Fill below instead of between, useful for difference line graphs.

Fill Between by analoureiro99 - An alternative to the core fill-between plugin.

Growing by Jürgen Marsch - Allows smooth animation of lines and areas on plot load.

Growraf by Thodoris Greasidis - Forked from Growing by Jürgen Marsch - Implements the plotting animations using requestAnimationFrame.

Animator by Chtiwi Malek - Animate horizontally any lines series on Flot Charts

Multiple Thresholds by subhrajitroy - An extension of the threshold plugin that enables multiple thresholds.

Side-by-side bars by Benjamin Buffet - Displays bars side-by-side rather than overlaid.

Side-by-side Improved by pkoltermann - Benjamin Buffet plugin modified to work with stacking.

Sort by Jürgen Marsch - Algorithms to create sorted / pareto plots.

Stack Percent by skeleton9 - Extends the core stacking plugin with the ability to stack percentages.

Stack Positive Negative Bars by ericliao - A version of the stacking plugin which can stack positive and negative bars.

Stack Bars and Lines by zikolach - Yet another stacking plugin. Supports negative values for bars and only positive for another diagram types.

Waterfall by Jürgen Marsch - Extends the core stacking plugin to produce waterfall plots.


Labels by Matt Burland - Draws labels next to plotted datapoints.

States by Jason Martens - Adds state markings to a plot's x-axis.

Tooltip by Krzysztof Urbas - Provides easy-to-use tooltips for Flot charts.

Value Labels by Leonardo Eloy, forked from the original by Petr Blahos - Overlays labels for individual values onto the plot.

Grid and Axis

Axislabels by Mark Côté, forked from the original by Xuanluo - Adds labels to the plot's axes.

Byte by Anthony Ryan - Adds automatic labeling and sensible label boundaries for base 2 byte values on axes.

Coordinate Axes by Jeff Tian - Adds axes to flot chart, provides several styles for you to choose, you can even use them all at the same time.

Origin Axis by Matt Burland - Draws multiple axes through the plot's origin.


Algorithms by Jürgen Marsch - Enables basic (min, max, average) and user-defined aggregation functions.

Comments by Jeff Tian - Shows extra comments to the flot chart. Provides several types of comments: tooltip, callout comment, side note, ...

Downsample by Sveinn Steinarsson - Retains the visual characteristics of the original line chart using considerably fewer data points.

Navigation Control by Jeff Tian - Adds navigation control buttons on top of the canvas layer to allow touch screen users to pan or zoom the chart.

Hidden Graphics by Mark Côté - Toggles visibility of individual series.

Range Select by Troels Bang Jensen of Uni-tel - Automates creation of a 'mini-map' plot used to navigate within the main plot.

Save as Image by Jeff Tian - Allows user to save the current chart as an image file in png/bmp/jpeg format into local disk by mouse right clicking on the chart and then choose "Save image as ..." option.

Touch by Justin D'Arcangelo - Adds multi-touch gesture support for panning and zooming.

Updater by Chris Constantine - Simplifies the creation of plots with real-time AJAX updates.