Flot is moving to Github

Posted August 23, 2012 by dnschnur

Welcome to Flot’s new project site!

Flot’s codebase has been hosted at Github for some time now, but its project page, issue tracker, wiki and other resources remain on Google Code. There’s a lot that we could gain by consolidating everything in one location, and fortunately Github already provides all the necessary tools.

Our first step is the launch of a new project site, reachable via a brand-new domain, flotcharts.org, with hosting provided by Github Pages. One of the great things about Github Pages is that every site is a repository, with ours located at flot.github.com. This means that you can contribute to the site just as you would to the library itself.

Two key additions to the new project site are the Blog and Plugins sections.

The Blog gives us a better way to communicate with the Flot community. We’re modeling it after the jQuery blog, so there’s no regular schedule for new entries; they’ll appear when we have something to announce.

The Plugins section will become the main registry of official and user-contributed Flot plugins. Since their introduction in 0.6 there has been an explosion in the number of plugins, and a better way to organize and find them is long overdue.

Our second step is to migrate the existing Google Code issue tracker and wiki to Github. Preserving existing issues is a priority, so this requires careful planning and testing, and it may be some time before everything is ready. But we think that the many benefits of tight integration between issues and the repository will make it worth the wait.

The forums will remain on Google Groups, since Github doesn’t provide an analogue, and moving them wouldn’t provide many benefits anyway.

We’re excited about these changes, and look forward to your feedback!