Flot 0.8 is live!

Posted April 10, 2013 by dnschnur

We’re excited to announce the release of Flot 0.8! Two years in the making, it includes more than a hundred new features and bug fixes from more than fifty contributors. Download the new version and enjoy!

What’s New in 0.8?

Time series improvements: Support for time series has been moved into a plugin, jquery.flot.time.js, and a new axis option “timezone” controls the time zone in which dates are displayed.

Canvas text: A new plugin, jquery.flot.canvas.js, renders axis tick labels directly to the canvas, rather than using HTML elements, making it much easier to save entire plots as images.

Plotting categories: The new categories plugin makes it easy to plot data that is grouped into text categories rather than numeric axis values.

Plotting error bars: The new error bars plugin can be used to show standard deviation and other useful statistical properties.

Support for high-resolution displays: Flot now looks even crisper on the high-density displays found in many new phones, tablets, and laptops.

Lots of bug fixes: We’ve fixed over a hundred bugs, resolving long-standing issues with the pie plugin and cross-browser compatibility, among many others.

Many other enhancements: We’ve added everything from improved control over the grid’s appearance to legend sorting to thresholding improvements.

See the NEWS file for a complete listing of changes made and bugs fixed.


Flot 0.8 has received more community contributions than any previous version. We’d like to give special thanks to the YCharts team for sponsoring the canvas text project, and to aaa707, Adam Mckaig, alanayoub, Alexander Blunck, Alexander O. Anisimov, Anthony Ryan, Ara Anjargolian, Arnaud Bellec, Arpan, Bevan, Brian Peiris, chage, Christopher Lambert, Clemens Stolle, dalton, Daniel Shapiro, Eddie Kay, Eric Wendelin, gcruxifix, hizhengfu, Hongli Lai, Ivan Novikov, James Ward, Jamie Hamel-Smith, Julien Thomas, Jürgen Marsch, kaarlenkaski, Karl Swedberg, Knut Forkalsrud, Lasse Dahl Ebert, Lau Bech Lauritzen, maimairel, martinqt, Michael Mayer, Nate Abele, Nick Campbell, Olivier Guerriat, Ralph Holzmann, risicle, Rui Pereira, Ruth Linehan, Sean Jordan, Sergiy Borodych, Simon Strandgaard, Shad Downey, Shane Reustle, Steve Robinson, thecountofzero, Tom Cleaveland, Yael Elmatad, and the many others who reported bugs, suggested features, and answered questions on the forums!