Flot 0.8.2 released

Posted November 28, 2013 by dnschnur

We’ve released Flot 0.8.2, with patches for many new and long-standing bugs, including the remaining regressions introduced in 0.8. You can download 0.8.2 here.

Important Bug Fixes in 0.8.2

Tick Labels: Fixed several issues related to axis ticks, including bugs in the way widths were assigned to narrowly-spaced labels, and a change that broke the flot-tickrotor plugin.

Resize plugin: Updated the inline jQuery Resize plugin to the latest version, fixing several errors and a possible memory leak.

Rendering Glitches: Fixed a variety of rendering bugs, including white circles drawn over pie plots, bars not being filled-in on some browsers, and incorrectly-placed highlights when using right-aligned bars.

See the NEWS file for a complete listing of changes made and bugs fixed.


We’d like to give special thanks to Anthony Ryan, Benjamin Gram, BeWiBu, Brend Wanders, Brian Peiris, btccointicker, cleroux, Craig Oldford, Daniel Hoffmann Bernardes, Eric Byers, execjosh, irbian, Jack Klink, Luis Silva, Mark Cote, Matthew Sabol, melanker, Mihai Stanciu, Mike Połtyn, Munsifali Rashid, Patrik Ragnarsson, Pierre Dubois, ryleyb, sknob001, sloker, Teq1 and Thodoris Greasidis for reporting issues or contributing fixes for this release.