Flot 2.1.6 released - new maintainers!

Posted February 4, 2018 by andrewdove1

We are excited to announce that our team at National Instruments has been given maintainer privileges to the flot charts github repository. We are looking forward to working with contributors to provide a simple, extensible, high-performance charting package. We have been maintaining a private fork of the flot repository since 2014. Very recently, we merged back our repository into the main flot repository. We took our time integrating these changes and put a high priority on maintaining compatibility whenever feasible. We were successful in many cases, but there are a handful of API changes and features updates. You can see more details in the changelog.

Part of this update to flot incorporated automated testing, builds, and a CI. Our goal is to ensure that the quality of the repository stays consistently high and that changes can be confidently integrated without having unintended consequences to functionality.

In addition, we have updated the way that flot is distributed. We now provide NPM packages for easier inclusion into projects and for easier update workflows.

Our intent is to start accepting pull requests from anyone who wants to contribute. We recognize that there is a significant backlog of pull requests outstanding and we hope to accept some of them along with new requests that are migrated to the new directory structure. Our priority is to accept fixes to known issues and changes that improve compatibility with existing usage. We put a high value on the quality of the project and expect that pull requests will pass tests and include testing for new functionality.

We welcome feedback and look forward to working with you to continue to improve this project.